A Volunteer Run 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Beverly Homecoming Committee

The Beverly Homecoming Committee is a working board that meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Beverly Public Library. Our committee holds decades of homecoming experience as well as the fresh perspective of new members. This committee is welcome to new members and new ideas about homecoming. Our goal is to carry on this 54 year old tradition of raising Beverly’s spirits by showcasing all that Beverly has to offer and hosting a fireworks celebration.

As an independent non-profit funded entirely by generous donations our goal is to raise about $20,000 each year in to support this annual event. We are so grateful to you, local businesses and organizations that support homecoming each year. Because of our collective effort we host ten days of community events culminating in an exciting fireworks display launched from Mackerel Cove.

The Homecoming Committee welcomes new members who want to help uphold these traditions and create new traditions based on Beverly’s evolving interests and assets. Please do contact us if you would like to volunteer for homecoming or join our committee at or call Medley Long at 978-473-4948.

Board of Directors

The Beverly Homecoming Board of Directors is made up of community volunteers from all walks of like. We love volunteers, and we encourage anyone to lend a hand. Find out more by filling in our volunteer registration form.
2020 Board of Directors
Medley Long III President
Julia Lyons Vice-President
Ellen Lyons Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator
Bob Monahan Treasurer
Holly Harrington-Stern Lobster Fest Coordinator
Bruce Doig Parks & Recreation Representative

Welcome to the 54th annual Beverly Homecoming!

Homecoming is a time for all of us to reflect on this wonderful City that we call home. With over 50 events to attend throughout the city it’s hard not to be reminded of all the beauty and all that Beverly has to offer especially during this festive week. From our ocean front you can enjoy the Bev Fit Fest, at Lynch Park you can enjoy a fresh lobster roll, and lets not forget all of the places you can view the fireworks on August 11th. There is so much to explore during these 10 days of Beverly Homecoming, and I encourage you all to attend as many of these events as you can.

Let’s not forget the countless volunteers that have put their time, energy, and effort into making this wonderful 10 day event a reality for over 50 years! From the lobstermen that provide our lobster for the Lobster Fest, to the barge operators and city officials that plan our beautiful fireworks display, I am truly amazed by all the hard work and dedication.

On behalf of the board members, volunteers and city officials who work tirelessly year round to plan this festive 10 day event, it is my privilege to welcome you to celebrate with us!


Medley Long III